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Uni Papers

Level Up, Health +1: How gamification can be the basis of a smoking cessation tool – Net 504

Link to my Conference PaperAs part of my Internet Studies, I had to write a conference paper on the subject of Social Networks and Online Communities. At the time, I was (and still am) fascinated by the theory of gamification – the idea of solving real-life problems using mechanics and designs inspired by computer games. I ended-up presenting a concept for an iPhone/mobile app that can help people quit smoking cigarettes using the theory of gamification (click on the logo to head straight there).

Final mark for this paper was 78%, and the main loss of marks was due to my writing style; the lecturers expected academic writing, while I chose to go for more of a personal story. I love the good-old TED talks, and I just couldn’t help myself from trying to emulate some of the speakers from these conferences. I felt that by giving a more personal touch to the paper, the reader could identify and feel what I feel, making them more immersed the idea that I was presenting.

I believe that this concept could really help a lot of people. I’m actually trying to get this idea of the ground, and turn it into reality. Will keep you posted how it all goes…

The 2011 International Online Communities and Social Networks Student Conference – PR Plan

Click here for the reportThe following document is my Public Relations group project – a PR plan for the 2011 International Online Communities and Social Networks Student Conference.

We wanted to create a plan that could spread the word about the conference, and get the right people to come and check-out some of the wonderful topics that we the students have discussed and written about. The trick is, the budget to do that stands at zero dollars ($0). We based our plan around social media; it is the driving force behind our promotional strategy.

This is the highest grated project that I have ever been involved in, with the final mark being 96%. Really proud of the diagram and the S.M. strategy we implemented – the lecturer loved it.

Reflective Web Media Creation: The Pitch – Web Media 507

Click on the image to download the assignmentThis is a copy of my pitch for the “Izquerda de la Copia” Reflective Web Media Creation assignment for Web Media 507. The assignment asked to present an idea for a web medium that would illustrate an issue from the unit in a way that anyone can understand and engage with it (meaning: in layman terms).

I wanted to create a funny, yet informative, video on the current copyright and illegal file sharing debate that is doing the rounds at the moment. Inspired by the “Downfall” internet meme, I created my own “foreign language” parody; I took scenes out of the Spanish-dubbed Oceans 11 movie, added my own English subtitles, flipped over the storyline, and created a trailer for a movie about a man trying to change the current music and movie industry stance on copyrighted material.

The lecturer loved the idea. However, at the time I didn’t have the script ready (I just visualised it in my mind), so the final grade for the pitch was 78%.

The final video/project can be found here.

“Izquierda de la Copia”: Reflective Web Media Creation – Web Media 507

The following video is a trailer for a movie that doesn’t exist. The movie tells a story of a man who came-up with an incredible scheme on how to revolutionise the way people consume and engage with videos and music. He believes that by easing up on intellectual property rights and copyright law enforcement, and by allowing people to share information and media products among themselves, the media and music industries present themselves with a far better chance of prosperity and long-term success.

Although his friends agree with his beliefs and views, they don’t believe that the established media organisations will listen to, and adapt his approach. Even more, they think that his scheme is in fact crazy – crazy enough that it just might work…


Link – www.youtube.com/user/mnapora

This video is part of my Web 507 unit at Curtin University.

The video was inspired by the works of Lawrence Lessig (his podcast series, episodes “Freeing Culture” and Tedx Talk) , Henry Jenkins, Gerd Leonhard, and the hundreds of youtubers, pirates, and bloggers who reckon that it’s time for organisations to accept that the Internet has changed the way we behave and interact with media content, how we consume it, and how we interact with each other. It’s time to embrace the revolution…


The 2011 International Online Communities and Social Networks Student Conference – Promo Video

The following is a promotional video I made with a fellow OUA student Katrina Comyns. It’s a video we prepared to help spread the word about the conference that we are part of.

Since you’re here, check out the conference itself – some really amazing and inspirational ideas coming through (click on the image on your left).

Modern Public Relations: A Piece in an Organisational Puzzle – Public Relations 500

I’ve always been a bit skeptical about PR; just never really seemed to place it on the same level as some of the other marketing activities. In truth, I’ve always been a bit afraid of it. It always seems that we are afraid of the things that we know nothing about, and once I started reading up about some of the people that shaped Public Relations as we know, I couldn’t help to admire their ideas (Sefton Delmer is now a hero of mine).

This essay looks at PR from an IMC perspective, and uses Apple as an example of how PR is an essential cog in the overall marketing machine.

Final mark for this essay – Distinction.

24 Hour Media Diary – Web Media 507

This is a  summary of all the media that I consume on an average day. Ranging from music, internet, advertising, and TV, it recounts when, where, how, and which media messages got into my listening/viewing space. Part of my Web Media 207 unit.

This journal was taken on the 10/03/2011.

First bit of information for the day - freakin' awesome!

6:50am. Woke up from sleep, my iPhone next to me as the alarm. Stretched in bed for a minute, picked up the phone and checked Euro-sport for overnight scores – very happy. Checked e-mails too – nothing important. Left the phone to have a have shower and to get ready for work.

7:30am. Turned on TV to watch ‘Sunrise’ mainly for the weather, the news, and to keep up-to-date with ads; need to know what’s going on. All of this while preparing and having breakfast.

7:45am. Listening to music (podcasts, albums – a lot of stuff being shuffled by me) through my PC while getting ready for work.

8:15am. Left the house with the iPhone on, playing music while walking to the station. 8:27 – arrived at the station, stopped reading the rest of Euro-sport news and flicking through Digg, music is still playing (listening to FaltyDL’s XLR8R podcast). (more…)

Podcast: An Integrated Marketing Communication Tool – Global Marketing Communications 640

The following is a copy of my GMC 640 written assignment. I’ve decided to write about podcasts, and how they can be used as a marketing tool. The assignment talks about what is a podcast, the people that use (and how they use) podcasts, how they’re done (and how to do them well), and finally, how to promote podcasts. I wrote this assignment at a time when I was really excited about podcasting; I’ve discovered a lot of great music, topics and tid-bits of info from them, and I’m still a firm believer that a great podcast can really add value to the consumer and the brand – as long as it’s relevant to both.

I received a High Distinction for this assignment, with the only major criticism being that I didn’t really include an introduction – a valuable lesson learned. Mind you, since the time of writing this (circa 2009), the podcasting game has changed heaps. It’s certainly evolved into a big beast, with thousands of podcasts fighting for listeners ear-time. However, there’s still a lot of references, consumer data, etc that will add value to any podcast related project that you might be working on.

My Learning Journal – Strategic Business Planning 615

Here is my Learning Journal assignment for one of the hardest, yet at the same time, most interesting units I ever took part in – Strategic Business Planning 615. The idea of the assignment was to write some thoughts on some of the issues that we’ve touched upon in this unit; cases, personal observations and/or experiences that stood-out for us during the semester (almost like a journal one might say :)).

I’ve covered a few topics in here; my views on business strategy/strategies, my personal brand development, External Factor Analysis Summary (EFAS) of my cigarette habit, the protagonist from the movie ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop‘ and how he links with business strategies, depression and environmentalism. There’s a lot in there, but it all makes one solid cohesive unit.

I ended-up receiving a High Distinction for this, and I must say, if it wasn’t for my lecturer Ron Reagan and his open-mindedness, this could have been marked a lot lower – thank you Ron for allowing my imagination run wild. He is a brilliant lecturer, very understanding and easy to get along with – even though he portrays himself otherwise…

Article Review: Beat Happening – International Marketing 615

This is a copy of my article review assignment for International Marketing 615. The assignment asked to choose a recent newspaper/magazine article that describes a situation that could possibly impact organisations from a marketing perspective.

I chose an article that described the current hip-hop scene in Los Angeles and how the changes and trends that are taking place in that community are slowly spreading and being adapted by the rest of the world-wide hip-hop scene.

Final mark for this piece was a distinction – not too sure what was good/bad, as the lecturer did not provide any feedback (I took this unit on-line – never again. Online feedback by Curtin for this unit was useless, ie non-existent). Anyway, hope it helps you out. And no copying! :)

“Make it a double!” – Web Communication 501 Essay

This little number is an essay I wrote for Web Comms 101/501. The question asked us how a Web 2.0 tool will change/has changed the way people communicate and collaborate with each other. I chose ‘Second Life‘/virtual worlds as the central point of discussion, and how (and why) we as humans may use it.

I ended-up getting a credit for this essay. The tutor commented that I’ve spent too much time on the technology evolution part, and not enough on the communication/collaboration side. Although not my highest graded essay, it’s definitely one of my favorites.

Stones Throw Records and the Resource Advantage Theory – Competitive Marketing Strategies 563

This is a copy of an assignment I did for my Competitive Marketing Strategies unit that’s part of my coursework. The assignment asked to choose a current marketing strategy and how it fits in within Sheth’s Resource Advantage theory. There’s quiet a few references in there, ranging from hip-hop sales figures, the R-A theory, co-branding references and Brainfeeder and Stones Throw articles/interviews. Could be a good starting point for any assignment that deals with hip-hop and/or the label (love their music btw).

Ah yes, final mark for the assignment was a High Distinction, so yeah, very happy with it.

And it goes without saying – say no to plagiarism! I’ve put it up here mainly because of the reference list. Don’t use it as a free pass from doing work.