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Marketing promo of March 2011 – Gazzetta dello Sport ‘alternative warm-up’ stunt

I must admit – I love football. It’s just one of those sports that no matter where you are or where you’re from, you know that there are others out there that share as much time, effort, and emotion to this sport as yourself. When I’m stuck in an awkward silence while in a cab, football is one of my default go-to topics – and 90% of the time it works like a charm. So when I saw the latest Gazzetta dello Sport marketing stunt, I was very excited and confused at the same time; more football content is great – interrupting a football game, not so great. With a bit of digging around, I must say I applaud this little campaign effort as it brought a smile to some dedicated fans, and it did the GdS brand a world of good in the process as well. So, let’s have a look at the latest Guerilla marketing stunt that made the headlines… (more…)

Article Review: Beat Happening – International Marketing 615

This is a copy of my article review assignment for International Marketing 615. The assignment asked to choose a recent newspaper/magazine article that describes a situation that could possibly impact organisations from a marketing perspective.

I chose an article that described the current hip-hop scene in Los Angeles and how the changes and trends that are taking place in that community are slowly spreading and being adapted by the rest of the world-wide hip-hop scene.

Final mark for this piece was a distinction – not too sure what was good/bad, as the lecturer did not provide any feedback (I took this unit on-line – never again. Online feedback by Curtin for this unit was useless, ie non-existent). Anyway, hope it helps you out. And no copying! :)

Stones Throw Records and the Resource Advantage Theory – Competitive Marketing Strategies 563

This is a copy of an assignment I did for my Competitive Marketing Strategies unit that’s part of my coursework. The assignment asked to choose a current marketing strategy and how it fits in within Sheth’s Resource Advantage theory. There’s quiet a few references in there, ranging from hip-hop sales figures, the R-A theory, co-branding references and Brainfeeder and Stones Throw articles/interviews. Could be a good starting point for any assignment that deals with hip-hop and/or the label (love their music btw).

Ah yes, final mark for the assignment was a High Distinction, so yeah, very happy with it.

And it goes without saying – say no to plagiarism! I’ve put it up here mainly because of the reference list. Don’t use it as a free pass from doing work.