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How to create a QR Code

A little ‘How to’ guide on making your own QR codes.

Click here for the guide (straight from Mashable.com – one of my most-often visited sites).

It’s nice to be suprised…

I want to share a very positive brand experience that I encountered the other day. I’m a keen vinyl collector (a physical music collection is so much better than a whole hard drive of mp3’s, but that’s another story) and as any collector knows, missing out on an item is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to you – a collection is not complete if you do not have the full set of whatever it is that you collect. So, to make sure I will get my hands on the new Jneiro Jarel EP, I emailed the online store that I usually make my purchases with, Bleep.com.

The response I got was more than expected; not only did they offer to email me when they receive the vinyl in stock, they also thanked me for my loyalty (see below).

Very well played Bleep – you got yourself one happy customer.